Booking Protect - Ticket Refund Guarantees in OvationTix

Do you want to create an additional revenue stream at no cost to your business?

Now available on the OvationTix platform, Booking Protect offers your ticket buyers the option to add 'refund protection' to their ticket purchase during the online ticket purchase flow and you get 40% of the revenue generated from this service.

This refund protection allows your ticket buyers to get full, 100% refunds in case they cannot come to your event. It covers against a variety of incidents including accidents, illness, home emergencies and more. For a full list of incidents covered by Booking Protect, click here.

Booking Protect is highly flexible for your ticket buyers. They have 45 days until after the event to claim a refund.

Additionally, the process is quite fast as each claim is processed within 48 hours.

Aside from these benefits to your ticket buyers, Booking Protect also offers the following benefits to your organization:

Booking Protect is revenue-generating. You will get 40% of the revenue that Booking Protect generates on your ticket sales.

The implementation is easy. You simply need to provide us with your Vendor ID and API Key and sign the Booking Protect agreement and we will be able to set you up quickly.

It is entirely hands-off for your organization. Booking Protect handles the entire refund process and makes all payouts. Booking Protect also drastically reduces refund requests that come to your box office, saving time for your box office staff.

It also comes at no cost. Booking Protect can be enabled on your account free of charge. Just reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get started.

Additionally, it allows you to offer a higher level of service to your customers by giving them the option to purchase ticket refund guarantees in case of an incident. Check out Booking Protect's page on Trustpilot to read from hundreds of satisfied customers.

Booking Protect is also an award-winning partner, having won the Special Coverage Award at the 2018 Commercial Insurance Awards. 

Here's how Booking Protect will look in your OvationTix account:

Should you choose to have Booking Protect integrated on your account, it can be enabled or disabled at the series level. To disable Booking Protect for a certain series, uncheck the box as shown in the screenshot below (it will be checked by default).

You have the option whether to make refund protection a required user choice for your ticket buyers or an opt-in. A 'required user choice' will force ticket buyers to either accept or decline refund protection while an 'opt-in' will allow ticket buyers to opt in for refund protection, but they can pass by the option if they don't want it.

You will then be able to see Booking Protect in QuickSell+.

Booking Protect will then show up either as a popup during the checkout process or inline depending your Booking Protect settings.

In your OvationTix financial reporting, 'Ticket Protection' will be listed under 'Other Sales'.

Here's how refund protection by Booking Protect will work for your ticket buyers:

1. The ticket buyer opts in to refund protection during the ticket purchase flow and receives a copy of the terms and conditions.

2. If the ticket buyer needs to claim a refund, they log in to the Booking Protect portal, enter the appropriate claim information and are then assigned an agent who will cover their case.

3. The Booking Protect team will then process the claim within 48 hours given that all requested information is provided by the customer.

Booking Protect FAQ:

How much revenue will I get from Booking Protect?

You will receive 40% of all revenue generated by Booking Protect on your ticket sales. To get a better idea of how much revenue your organization can expect to generate from Booking Protect, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Is this product insurance and do I need to be regulated to sell it?

No, this is product is 'refund protection' and not 'insurance'. You do not need to be regulated in order to sell it.

How will I make money from this?

You will receive 40% of all revenue generated by Booking Protect, paid out to you each month.

Our ticket prices are still low, will we still benefit from Booking Protect?

Yes. Booking Protect still sees a healthy conversion rate (approximately 10%) on tickets in the $5-$20 range.

If someone makes a claim before a performance, will Booking Protect let my box office know that those seats have become available for re-sale?

Yes. Booking Protect will notify of all paid claims so that your tickets can be re-sold.

Will my box office still be able to offer refunds at our own discretion?

Yes. Your box office is still completely free to operate as it sees fit.

Will Booking Protect approve any/all requests? If someone saw a show and then requests a refund, does Booking Protect have access to OvationTix to prove that the person was scanned into the show?

Generally, Booking Protect will not check. They will not have access to check and do not want to create additional admin work for partners. However, Booking Protect can check if you would like them to. Booking Protect operates on the basis that people are honest and generally sees a very low amount of fraudulent claims.

Ready to get started?

If you'd like to get started using Booking Protect, or if you have any questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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