Try these tools to help streamline (and quantify!) your marketing efforts

March 20, 2015 Blank

1) See your patrons’ behavior with Google Analytics

Was your Google Analytics set up by your last web designer and managed by your intern from last Fall? Time to dig through your email, find your login, and fire up that GA account! OvationTix can link directly with your GA account and enable you to track click throughs, fall-offs, campaign A/B testing, and conversions. You have limited resources, and GA and OvationTix can help you make informed decisions about where to spend your time and money.

2) Measure ROI with Pixel Tracking

Ready to commit to that big digital ad buy? Everything should be traceable when it’s digital. OvationTix allows you to attach a pixel to your order confirmation pages allowing you to track total return on investment from specific marketing campaigns. Take the guesswork out of your ad buys.

3) Make informed decisions with Snapshot

Savvy marketing managers keep an eye on the OvationTix Snapshot for an at-a-glance forecast of their current ticket sales, but did you know you can use the Snapshot report to analyze historic trends, too? Simply change the date range of the report for a bird’s eye view of trends across your previous performances or events. This data can inform your discounting strategy, advertising budgets, and maximize your single ticket sales. Turn the slow nights of last season into this year’s sellouts!

4) Track conversions with Coded Tickets

With coded tickets, you can create promotional offers with inventory limits and specified periods of availability. You can also associate codes with specific ads to track your return on investment. By reporting across your coded tickets, you can see which advertising and communications were most successful.

5) Send the right offer to the right people with Patron Report

Engagement is the name of the game, but in these days of full inboxes, you need to send the right message to the patrons it will most likely appeal to. Target your messaging with Patron Report. Pull a list of past multi ticket buyers who haven’t come back yet and give them a compelling reason to return. Target your patrons by genre and affinity. Afraid you’ll send that discount to someone who already bought full price? Exclude everyone who already purchased from your new offer. Choose which columns to include in your results, and save your marketing reports as templates to run whenever you like.

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