The Top New and Improved Product Features Shipped on OvationTix in 2018

At OvationTix, we make it our purpose to help you master the business of live entertainment. Whether that's through increased ticket sales or donations, better audience engagement or streamlined box office operations, we are constantly working on new ways to help you run your business better.

In 2018, we launched a variety of new features and made improvements to existing ones. So, let's take a look at what we added and what we improved in OvationTix this past year to help you accomplish your mission.

New feature in 2018: Soft Credits

One key feature we added in 2018 to help fundraisers in OvationTix is soft credits. Soft credits allow you to assign recognition for donations to people who helped bring in those donations but are not the donor. In the OvationTix Patron Profile under 'Receive a Donation', you can now apply soft credit amounts to donations to give people credit for finding new donors for you.

Soft credits help fundraisers better understand the source of their donations. For instance, your board members may be tasked with bringing in a certain number of donations throughout the year. With soft credits, you can acknowledge the fact that they brought this money into your organization. In OvationTix, you are also able to report on soft credits.

New Feature in 2018: Exportable Attendance Report

Understanding your business' data is absolutely paramount to improving your operations. At OvationTix, we are constantly refining our reporting to give you more insight into your business.

In February of 2018, we made it so our Attendance Report can be run with a date range and then exported to a CSV or Excel file.

This makes it much easier for you to report on your attendance numbers and allows you to manipulate the data manually in Excel if you choose. We chose to do this to make our reporting more flexible and so it can be customized by you.

New Feature: Ability to Hold Refunded Tickets from General Inventory

We also consistently work to make your box office operations more flexible in OvationTix. One change we made this year to support this is to enable you to refund tickets and withhold them from your general inventory.

This allows you greater control and flexibility in managing your tickets after a refund has been granted. For instance, if you want to refund a customer for the cost of their tickets, but still want to hold the seats for them, you can do so with this new functionality.

New Feature in 2018: Fixed Plus Packages on the New Consumer Interface

Packages in OvationTix allow you to bundle multiple tickets into a single price point, giving your customers more option in how they enjoy events at your venue.

This year, we introduced FixedPlus Packages for our new Consumer Interface. FixedPlus Packages allow you to sell multiple tickets for different series. 

With FixedPlus Packages, you can specify which series, event date and section your customers  can select, or you can allow them to select any series, event date and section.

We created this feature to give you a greater degree of control of your packages. This allows you to customize the packages you create by series, event date and section and give your customers more options, helping provide a better customer experience and thus increasing your revenue.

New Feature in 2018: Daily Report Builder

Another new feature to make reporting easier, our Daily Report Builder tool on our Analytics Dashboard allows you to organize ticket types into customizable groupings relevant to your organization.

These tables allow you to sort ticket types into renamable buckets that autosum their quantity and revenue. For instance, you may want to group all full price, discount and comp tickets in thier own respective categories as seen in the screenshot above. This will help streamline your reporting and give you a better understanding of which ticket types are most popular.

New Feature in 2018: Automated Email Reports

Keeping your team informed of the health of your business operations is critical to your success. However, you want to do this in a fashion that minimizes the strain on your box office staff so that they don't spend all of their time pulling reports.

In 2018, we created a new tool that allows you to schedule automated email reports in OvationTix. You can do this for a variety of reports including show summary, transaction, patron and fundraising reports. You can also choose to send these reports on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

This allows you to keep people like your Executive Director and board members informed on a regular basis while saving time for your box office staff. Instead of creating a report every time they need something, keep them updated with automated email reports.

New Feature in 2018: Lock the Books

Your box office is an operation that needs to run a tight ship. One feature we added this past year to give you more control is the ability to "Lock the Books".

This "Lock the Books" functionality, which we launched of August this past year, prevents sales, refunds, moves and exchanges for a performance once enabled.

This feature helps you better manage your business by ensuring that you pay out renters the appropriate amount once the books are locked. It eliminates the need to go back and clear up any discrepancies in your numbers after an event has finished.

New Feature in 2018: Adjustments Section in Statement History

One commonly requested feature we had this past year was the ability to create an adjustments section for your statement history. This allows you to quickly see any changes that have been made to your statements.

Previously, chargebacks, reimbursements and other adjustments to your statements lived at the top of each individual statement in OvationTix. Now, when you visit your Statement History page, you will see a separate adjustments section/report with all chargebacks, reimbursements, etc. listed out with amounts, reasons and links to the impacted statement.

This makes chargebacks, reimbursements and adjustments easier to search for and find, meaning your staff will spend less time digging for this information.

New Feature in 2018: Master Calendar

Providing a smooth e-commerce experience for your customers is absolutely critical. Since more and more people buy tickets on computers and mobile devices these days, you need to create a pleasant buying experience in these channels. At OvationTix, we recognize the importance of this and have been updating our software as such.

Our new Master Calendar enables ticket buyers to toggle between a list view and the Master Calendar which will show all of your events simultaneously. Even if you have multiple events or different entry times in one day, ticket buyers will be able to see all of those on the Master Calendar view.

The benefit of the new Master Calendar is that it makes it easier for your customers to find and buy tickets for your events. This in turn serves to increase conversion rates and revenue for your organization.

New Feature in 2018: Gender-Neutral Salutations

It's important to demonstrate respect for your customers and donors by not misaddressing or misgendering them.

In OvationTix, on the Patron Profile, QuickSell+ and Consumer Interface, we have added a new field (Mx.) for salutations.

Additionally, on the Patron Profile in OvationTix, we have added "Non-Binary" and "Prefer Not to Say" options in the gender drop down. We have also added an optional free form field labeled "Pronoun".

This will help ensure that your box office staff know how to properly address your customers.

New Feature in 2018: General Ledger Codes

On the Tools drop down in OvationTix, you are now able to create general ledger codes for your series, products and fees. You are now able also able to view, run and export general ledger codes reports.

We decided to create this new feature as we found through user interviews that many of our clients  were downloading data and manually assigning general ledger codes to different line items, which made for a bit of a time-consuming process.

General ledger codes are designed to make your accounting and reconciliation processes faster and more accurate. With this new feature, you can easily assign general ledger codes in OvationTix, then run a general ledger code report that you can easily input or upload to your financial software.

Improved Feature in 2018: Analytics Dashboard Fee Toggle

Some organizations may want to look at their ticket sales with or without fees. As such, we added a toggle to our Analytics Dashboard that allows you to look at reports with our with fees (convenience and facility fees) included.

This toggle allows you to look at gross sales separate from fees to easily determine whether you have reached your sales goals from gross ticket sales alone. You can also use this toggle in case you want to share data with a renter but want to exclude fees from that data.

Improved Feature in 2018: New Exportable Views for Who's Coming List

In OvationTix, we have a "Who's Coming List" that shows you which customers will be attending any given event.

Previously, the reporting for this list had all checkout questions listed in one column and all products listed in another.

We have updated this feature to give each individual checkout question and product its own column.

This makes it easier for your box office staff to find important information, such as which customers purchased parking or will require additional assistance at your venue, allowing them to provide a higher level of service with greater speed and accuracy.

Improved Feature in 2018: Updated Households Functionality

Knowing which customers are in households together and being able to aggregate their data allows you to better understand and interact with your customers.

Previously on OvationTix, all customer data lived on individual profiles that could be associated with a standalone household profile. With this update to our household profiles, we now offer a true aggregate view of all customers in a household, while still allowing you to see data on the individual profile as well.

This allows you to better engage with your customers and offer a higher level of service as you will have a full, cumulative data view of all household members and a better understanding of how households interact with your organization as a group.

Improved Feature in 2018: Search by Address

You asked for this feature and we listened! You are now able to conduct customer searches by address in OvationTix.

This makes it easier for your box office staff to locate customer records in OvationTix, thus saving time and making your box office workflow more efficient.

So there you have it, the top features we added to OvationTix in 2018. Since we are always looking for new ways to help you increase revenue and engagement and to streamline your operations, we'll be updating the product all throughout 2019 as well. So, stay tuned for even more new product features. And finally, if you'd like to see some of the new features mentioned in this post in action, don't hesitate to schedule a demo of the OvationTix solution.

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