Seven Website Optimizations To Prepare For Fall

OvationTix partners operating on a traditional Fall to Spring season frequently take the summer to prepare. What steps are you taking to optimize your digital assets? We’ve considered some of the best design tips, surveyed many of our partners’ sites, and integrated some of OvationTix’s internal features to create a list of concrete steps you can take right now to ensure you’re making the most of what little downtime–as if you have such a thing–you may allocate to ready your organization for the coming months.

Use Google: Yes, about 65% of web searches are done through Google, with almost the entire remainder through Bing and Yahoo. So chances are you are already personally using Google for search. But some OvationTix partners don’t use Google for their website. Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager can both be integrated with OvationTix so you can examine, track, and take action on behavior throughout your ticket buyer’s and/or donor’s time on your site and OvationTix pages.
Use Google (no, really, again): In addition to the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager integrations with OvationTix, Google also offers search engine advertising grants for nonprofit organizations. Google Ad Grants. This would be in addition to any Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or otherwise paid advertising–remember Google owns YouTube too–and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns you may be running.
Think Deep: Yes, that’s probably good zen-like advice for your general life, but there is a more practical live event application. OvationTix offers Deep Links (located under the Tools menu in our main navigation) which you can use to direct your prospective buyer or donor to the appropriate page based on their position in a sales/fundraising funnel. For example, you can link directly to a specific performance date’s seating selection page, or you can link over to a calendar or series page so the user can identify a date or time they wish to attend.
Think Mobile: OvationTix continues to develop and enhance the mobile-responsive consumer interface OvationTix responsive functionality. What elements of your organization’s main site can be optimized for mobile visitors?
Drive Conversions: Yes, your site must make a good impression by looking pretty and providing ready access to information for its viewers. But leap forward using Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and a variety of tools (many of which are integrated with OvationTix), to drive design and advertising decisions towards converting traffic. Increasing users on the site is good in-and-of-itself but a more meaningful goal is to convert those users into ticket buyers, donors, subscribers, survey-takers.
Drive Engagement: Your site is far more than an information resource and ticket-sales channel… or at least it should be. What multimedia, interactivity, and other content can you provide to ensure users return again and again? There are super-simple fixes like adding sharing/social icons to your site but also more complicated choices like whether or not to have your own YouTube channel and where, if at all, it is appropriate to publish that channel on your site.
Be the User: That’s the last bit of zen advice you’ll read in this article! But really, don’t think about your site as a static, monolithic, and one-size-fits-all publication. In reality it is used by a variety of different types of users at a variety of different times. Not everyone lands on your homepage first–or at all–and we can promise that none of your visitors know all you want them to know about your event even after they purchase tickets. Your site is a crucial part of the mosaic of marketing and, in many cases, fundraising efforts: email, banner ads, text/search, and a variety of outlets may serve as traffic drivers. Be sure to work to optimize those efforts as well so you have lots of people enjoying your beautiful site.

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