Security Updates for OvationTix Clients

April 23, 2014 Blank

You may have heard the recent, widely publicized news about a security vulnerability that affected up to two-thirds of all websites and online services.  Whether or not you were aware of the issue, we want you to know that your OvationTix information is secure.

As soon as the online community learned about the security vulnerability, OvationTix took steps to investigate and tighten security where necessary.  We determined the following:

Your Patron’s Payment information was not affected by the security issue.  OvationTix does not store credit card numbers on its servers and the systems used to process payment transactions did not contain the security vulnerability.
Your organization’s show, patron and financial data is safe.  Within hours of the announcement of the vulnerability, OvationTix applied the latest security updates and we are confident that there have been no security breaches.

In order to increase your security, in keeping with the latest standards, OvationTix will now be asking our client account holders to periodically change their passwords upon logging into the OvationTix admin site.

Over the next few days, and periodically thereafter, you may see a pop-up upon login to OvationTix, with instructions prompting you to change your password.  The instructions will include guidance on how to create a password that is secure, easy for you to remember and difficult for anyone else to guess.

If you have any questions, please contact client services by email: or call us at 1-866-441-9962.

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