Purge the Merge

OvationTix makes donation acknowledgement letters and emails easy with this new fundraising recognition feature.

Do you run mail-merge donation acknowledgements at the end of a week, month or campaign? OvationTix just made this practice a whole lot easier with acknowledgement templates you can customize and send on your schedule.

This new feature is located in the same location you find other details about your fundraising campaigns. Navigate to the Tools menu, then click on Fundraising. If you are a nonprofit organization and this menu item is not visible, please contact Client Services.

The main Fundraising page provides you with the ability to build and edit settings for your various appeals. Within each campaign, you can now create customized donation acknowledgement templates for each contribution level: $0.01-$99.99, $100-$249.99, $250.00 or more, etc. These templates can include your organization’s branding, such as a logo or letterhead, and the signature from the individual sending the thank-you. In addition, the templates will import donor contact information, as well as the corresponding dollar amounts those contacts gave to that particular campaign.

For nonprofit OvationTix partners already using donation receipts, you may not want to provide an email acknowledgement. If so, when building out your acknowledgements, select the “Print” option (as opposed to the “Email & Print” option).

OvationTix will also create printable addresses for envelopes as well as creating a printable pdf document containing all the completed letters/acknowledgements.

If you send acknowledgements on a seasonal basis, the mailing address type may be toggled to correspond to the donor’s business, vacation home or alternative address to which you are mailing the thank-you.

Please note that these acknowledgements can be customized with a variety of fields offered on the templates. So acknowledging donors by their preferred names, noting the date(s) of their gifts, amounts, and other template fields can be pre-filled to enable you to communicate with your supporters in more effective and targeted ways.

Running these email and postal acknowledgements directly through OvationTix is just one of the ways the solution saves you time and helps you send segmented communications to your donors. You may still want to use the Patron Report and Communications Tool to complement this new acknowledgment feature and ensure you’re tracking all your donors and associated correspondence effectively.

Select OvationTix partners will also see Moves Management features in the solution. This, along with the new donation acknowledgement features, add to an already robust set of fundraising tools OvationTix offers its partners to ensure your fundraising efforts continue to grow alongside the solution.

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