Pull your reports, not your hair

OvationTix makes standard and custom reports easy to pull and save for future reference.

OvationTix features several types of reports. While often overlooked, the administrative reports are some of the easiest to pull and understand:

Task Management allows you to assign specific tasks to users or a group of users. This CRM tool is accessible elsewhere in the solution, but this location provides a good snapshot of active user assignments, as well as the ability to create new ones for your colleagues and other OvationTix users.

Box office managers, treasurers, and other finance representatives will find the My Balance, Box Office Balance, Gift Card, and Statement History reports of consistent value. Several of these reports are self-explanatory but, in a nutshell, they reflect financial transactions and liabilities for specific users, for the overall box office, for gift card purchases, and for overall organizational finances for a given period of time (daily, weekly, monthly, fiscal year). This is in addition  to the Who’s Coming list which, while not technically in the reports category, serves as a quick audience manifest for your upcoming events.

And everyone in your organization likely is e familiar with the Duplicate Patron report, as it is one of a variety of tools your marketing, fundraising, and other departments may employ to minimize duplicated efforts and overlapping communications.

Marketers and high-level administrators will make quick use of the Snapshot report, which reflects the number of tickets available/sold/held and associated revenue for upcoming series. For far more detailed reports, My Reports serves as a primary reporting clearinghouse, where users can build custom marketing, development, financial, and other reports and save them for quick reference or even download them into Excel or your favorite visualization software.

The Patron Report may already serve as the hub for your data mining and segmentation efforts. It is through this main report that you can run thousands of additional reports, which include and exclude various criteria. The accounts output in this report can be categorized for later reference, added to bulk tasks, downloaded into a spreadsheet for further manipulation,  sent to a mailing house, and/or pushed with just a few clicks to your integrated MailChimp or Constant Contact email account.

You will soon see visualizations, automated/emailable reporting, and other features added to this module, so keep checking your OvationTix partner newsletters and the OvationTix blog for more information.

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