How Mabou Mines Uses OvationTix to Streamline its Operations

See how this theater group used the OvationTix platform to better manage its data, streamline workflows and improve its operations.

Maude Mitchell in "Glass Guignol." Photo by Richard Termine.


Based in New York, Mabou Mines is an artist-driven experimental theater collective generating original works and re-imagined adaptations of classics.


Mabou Mines' annual programs include the development and premiere of the company's new work through workshops, residencies and remounts of productions from their repertory, as well as national and international touring of work. In addition to creating new work, Mabou Mines serves the artistic community through their longstanding resident artist program and their performance initiative, SUITE/space.


By using the OvationTix platform, Mabou Mines was able to consolidate all its data in one place. This allowed them to drastically improve workflows, saving manual effort for their staff and allowing them more time to better connect with their audiences and work on new initiatives to increase revenue.


Read on to learn how Mabou Mines uses OvationTix to support their mission.

Mabou Mines at a Glance

  • Consolidation of data on one platform, saving 2-3 hours of manual effort per week
  • Ability to sell tickets without a third party vendor
  • Increased audience engagement with pre and post-show engagement emails

The Situation


Prior to working with OvationTix, Mabou Mines was managing its data and activities for its venue through several different platforms. For instance, RSVPs were recorded on different platforms as needed and email was managed through a supplier that was not integrated with the rest of their box office activities. Also, artist contact info was not stored beyond a production-specific contact sheet.


As a result, Mabou Mines did not have a central location to capture audience information and did not keep a record of attendees. This limited the ability of the company to create campaigns, connect with its audiences and use data to track the success of its marketing initiatives.


Logistically, this made managing box office activities labor-intensive for Mabou Mines. Staff would have to search through several different platforms to find things such as collaborator phone numbers.


The Solution

Mabou Mines realized that, in order to grow, it would need a more robust, integrated solution to manage their ticketing, fundraising and audience engagement activities. They found that solution in OvationTix. While the organization was considering many different platforms, they chose OvationTix because it was a true CRM that allowed them to better connect with their audiences, not just a ticketing software. They were especially interested in the OvationTix ability to integrate with an external email provider, allowing for designed but targeted email campaigns.


Working with the OvationTix team, Mabou Mines pulled together several spreadsheets from its pre-existing providers (past ticketing platforms, email providers, contact sheets, etc.) to integrate all data on the OvationTix platform. The import of the company's historical data ensured that no customer information was lost in the process of switching over to OvationTix.


This helped ensure that all patron information and transaction data was in one place, so that all activities could be managed and measured from one location, significantly improving workflows for the organization.


The Results

As a result of moving all activities to the OvationTix platform, Mabou Mines was able to significantly reduce the amount of time spent managing information and generating reports. On average, the Mabou Mines staff save 2-3 hours per week in manual effort as a direct result of using OvationTix. 


With better box office management, Mabou Mines has been able to devote more of its time to selling tickets, engaging patrons and donors and growing their brand.


Mabou Mines also uses the tools within OvationTix to better connect with its audiences. By using pre and post-show emails embedded in the platform, Mabou Mines as been able to improve communication with its audiences and increase audience engagement.


Moving Forward

In the future, Mabou Mines plans to use OvationTix to drive more targeted fundraising efforts. With the data, reporting and fundraising outreach tools provided by the platform, this is a key opportunity for Mabou Mines to drive new revenue.


This customer success story was designed to illustrate how Mabou Mines uses OvationTix to drive success. By consolidating all data on one platform, managing all tasks within a single CRM and using new tools to engage with its audiences, Mabou Mines has vastly improved its operations.

"OvationTix has provided us with a way to effectively streamline our communications. Their customer service was very helpful during the onboarding process, allowing us to easily consolidate all our data on one platform."

- Monika Jouvert, Executive Producer at Mabou Mines

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