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OvationTix continues to blossom with new fundraising tools, dynamic membership/subscription options, security features and more. Stop to smell the roses with this quick summary of releases from the last twelve months, and a look into coming ones.

It is officially spring, and most OvationTix partners have been receiving the OvationTix partner newsletter for more than a year now. This publication highlights the most relevant enhancements and upgrades made to the solution on a nearly weekly basis. It also offers some quick tips/reminders about previously released tools, links to prominent news stories featuring OvationTix partners, and resources relevant to the performing arts/entertainment field in general.

Just in the last year, OvationTix was first to market with a secure, cloud-based, P2PE payment solution which provided partners with the opportunity to add greater security to their patron’s payment information. This was soon followed by the first release of more mobile box office features, and additional fundraising tools plus a Google Tag Manager integration for more sophisticated development and marketing campaigns. All that was on top of mobile-responsive design, which will continue to roll out new features for many months to come.

So what’s next? Fundraisers will be pleased to see moves management tested and widely launched in the solution over the next few months.

Added functionality to the new mobile-responsive OvationTix consumer interface are also planned. OvationTix partners with mostly generally admission events have seen the bulk of the benefits of this new look for patrons so far, but further membership/subscription sales and redemption functionality are coming very soon. Redesigned seating charts and mobile-responsive seating charts will follow later this year. Meanwhile, OvationTix partners continue to leverage our API to offer their ticket buyers even more enhanced online/mobile buying experiences. Contact Client Services for more information.

A new reporting dashboard and host of new functions will also be released in the next couple of quarters. This will provide reports relevant to marketers, fundraisers, senior management teams and even board members. You’ll also see automated reports to complement the saved, customizable report options currently available in the solution.

These and other blossoming software enhancements are only possible under the right conditions. Feedback from our hundreds of commercial and nonprofit theater producers, presenting venues and other OvationTix partners continues to be the fertile soil out of which these developments grow. You will continue to see requests for feedback both on the platform and through your Account Executive and members of the OvationTix development team. Thank you in advance for this invaluable input.


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