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OvationTix partners enjoy further expanded customizations to their patrons’ mobile-responsive checkout process: add-on donations!

While many OvationTix partners wish to remain on their “usual” online customer interface, the new mobile-responsive checkout flow is becoming increasingly popular. Not only does it look great on a computer, but it also changes the layout and display of information to be more friendly to those on mobile devices.

So what’s new? Nonprofit organizations accepting donations can now customize their checkout to ask ticket buyers to add on a donation or other product to buyers on a mobile device. This is in addition to last month’s release, which allowed subscribers/members to redeem tickets and other member benefits by signing in through their phones and tablets.

While OvationTix offers this new and other add-on opportunities and customizations, it is important to limit–if not eliminate entirely–interruption in the patron’s purchase process. For example, offering “up-sells” of merchandise, adding check-out questions, or donation requests, to a simple ticket transaction may create drop-off for your would-be patrons. Fortunately, OvationTix integrates with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to ensure you optimize this process and associated revenue.

OvationTix also provides you with a variety of opportunities to ask for donations beyond the online sale.  As renewal season comes to a close for many OvationTix partners, many have already asked for donations on mailed renewal notices (using data pulled from OvationTix’s rollover process).

With the recent launch of the donor profile page, you or telefunding representatives can easily pull up donor accounts and see their most recent activity in order to make better informed “asks” in your next phone campaign. And of course, the powerful Patron Report and Communications Tool allow you to easily pull segments of your database for advanced prospecting. Examples of this were well documented in the end-of-year reporting webinar and elsewhere on this OvationTix blog.

OvationTix continues to add more to the solution. Keep checking the blog and future OvationTix partner newsletters as this mobile-responsive interface further develops.


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