How Little Rock Uses OvationTix to Increase Ticket Sales and Simplify Ticketing Operations

Little Rock, an NCAA Division I athletics program in the Sun Belt Conference, uses OvationTix to streamline its box office and increase revenue. With a smaller staff, the team behind the Trojans needed an all-in-one ticketing and CRM solution that enabled them to work efficiently and focus on growing their athletics programs.


Prior to working with OvationTix, Little Rock had significant difficulties with its previous ticketing platform. It was difficult for them to set up events and the system was difficult to navigate. This limited their staff's efficiency and meant that they had to spend a lot of time on administrative work within the ticketing system.

When issues came about, Little Rock feels their staff did not receive adequate support from their previous ticketing provider, which further strained an already stretched team.

On top of all this, it was difficult for Little Rock fans to purchase tickets online. This meant more manual work for the Little Rock team.

Because of these problems, Little Rock began their search for a new ticketing platform that was more user-friendly for both staff and fans. They were also looking for stronger customer service and a CRM system that allowed them to access fan data to help them engage with fans and grow their athletics programs.

Little Rock at a Glance

  • 21% increase in basketball single game ticket revenue
  • 39% lift in volleyball ticket revenue
  • 105% growth in baseball ticket revenue
  • 30% increase in donation revenue


Having a smaller staff, Little Rock needed to simplify their ticketing operations. They needed a platform that enabled them to work efficiently, set up events easily and free up their time so that their staff could focus on engaging with fans.

Little Rock chose OvationTix for a variety of reasons.

First - ease of use. OvationTix comes with several features that make things easier for both staff and fans:

  • An intuitive event builder - allowing Little Rock to easily create new events in the ticketing platform for games, configure seating and set prices
  • QuickSell+ functionality - enabling box office staff to process ticket sales in just a few easy steps 
  • Mobile-responsive interface - allowing fans to easily browse games and buy tickets on their mobile phones

Second - customer support. The OvationTix team is invested in Little Rock's success and supports this in the following ways:

  • 7 days/week Help Desk
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Continuously adding new features to the platform to help support Little Rock's growth

Finally, OvationTix makes it easy for Little Rock to increase fan engagement in the following ways:

  • A CRM system that allows the Trojans athletics team to collect data and engage with fans more intelligently
  • Segmentation tools that enable Little Rock to send targeted offers to different groups of fans based on past purchase behaviors, habits and interests
  • Gameday emails to remind fans of the event and push promotions to improve the overall in-venue experience

Switching to OvationTix from their old ticketing platform was simple. With the help of the OvationTix Client Services Team, Little Rock was able to easily transfer their data to OvationTix. Once Little Rock imported their data to OvationTix, created their venues and set up their events, they were able to sell tickets.


Using the OvationTix platform has allowed Little Rock to stay organized and focus on their fan base. Now, they can collect data like never before and store this information to better engage with fans and grow these relationships.

In terms of fan engagement, OvationTix has taken Little Rock to the next level with email marketing. By using gameday emails to get fans excited, Little Rock has successfully increased attendance and engagement. Additionally, the OvationTix CRM system has helped Little Rock staff to stay organized and on top of fan needs.

Having a more simple and intuitive customer interface has helped Little Rock grow its revenues. Because of OvationTix's simplicity, it is now easier for Little Rocks fans to buy tickets online. This increases revenue and reduces the strain on their box office staff. Staff are processing fewer in-person ticket sales and are spending less time on the phone guiding fans through the online ticket purchase process.

OvationTix has also helped the Little Rock team to be more efficient in their own work. Having a more user-friendly system with easy event set up, email marketing integrations, intuitive reporting and CRM tools allows staff to work more effectively and focus on growing their athletics programs.


These features on OvationTix have translated directly to tangible benefits for the Little Rock team. They have seen the following results since switching to OvationTix.

  • 21% increase in basketball single game ticket revenue
  • 39% lift in volleyball ticket revenue
  • 105% growth in baseball ticket revenue
  • 30% increase in donation revenue

Moving Forward

Little Rock is continuously refining its processes to offer better fan experiences and grow its athletics programs.

OvationTix is a key partner in this endeavor. Little Rock plans to continue using the platform to make its ticket operations as efficient as possible and transition even more ticket purchases online.

"Our partnership with OvationTix has proved to make a substantial difference in our ticket operation and in the way we engage with our fan base. Our jobs are easier and our operation is much more efficient because of OvationTix. We want to give a lot of credit to our women's basketball program, where we have been able to improve our single game revenue and retention numbers significantly through their success in setting a championship tradition. Above all else, the customer service we receive from our partnership, along with the customer service we are able to provide our fan base because of OvationTix, has been priceless."

Eric Silakowski

Associate Athletic Director for External Operations

Little Rock Athletics

About OvationTix

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