Gift Cards Keep Giving


The holidays are rapidly approaching and gift cards provide a double-whammy to engage both the gift buyer and recipient.

The coming months bring gifts of many kinds: time with loved ones, delicious meals and, of course, opportunities for relatively easily-earned revenue and patron engagement! Selling gift cards in OvationTix is an almost effortless way to generate revenue in the final months of the year, and you can engage both the customer using the gift card and the purchaser using OvationTix CRM tools.

As a refresher, read these blog and support articles on how to set up gift cards in OvationTix. This set-up includes the ability to upload your own images to print out on the card and for the purchaser to personalize a message to the recipient.

Take advantage of the powerful OvationTix reporting tools to send relevant messages to prior gift card purchasers or recipients. The purchasers may be pleased to learn they can give similar gifts to friends and family this year and those that have used all or a portion of a gift card with your company might want to know about your next event!

Use the My Reports tool to identify a list of accounts that used or purchased a gift card over any period of time. Then apply a Patron Category to those accounts or sync them with your Constant Contact or MailChimp email list and send targeted advertising.

Even more important than promoting gift cards to your current patrons is promoting them to new ones! Do this by placing a prominent link promoting gift card purchases on your website using the Deep Link tool (accessible under the main Tools menu). Sales representatives might also up-sell gift card to patrons calling for tickets to other events.

And most importantly… keep promoting gift cards throughout the entire holiday season, as many gift card purchases occur last-minute and during off-hours.

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