Dialing-In to Checking-Out


Optimizing check-out for your online ticket buyers and donors is easy with OvationTix. These seven steps help you maximize ticket sales and donations year-round.

Think of your patrons as journeying through a “sales funnel” when on your website. The top of the sales funnel typically begins with “awareness,” then moves through “discovery” towards the bottom, called a “sale”, which is a ticket purchase or donation in our case.

OvationTix works in concert with your marketing and fundraising campaigns to report on this funnel. You can drop tracking pixels onto relevant OvationTix pages (in addition to your own site), take advantage of a recent Google Tag Manager integration, and, of course, view your Google Analytics for your OvationTix pages. Based on this information and tips below, you can further optimize this process to minimize clicks and drop-off to maximize sale and donation conversions.


1. Direct patrons to a page specific to your event or campaign. This advertising best-practice is frequently not followed; email promotions, banner ads and other digital communications should click straight to the event that interested the patron in the first place.  Directing patrons to a home page where the user must search for the event or campaign again is inefficient and diverts attention from the transaction. A more appropriate landing page might reflect a “blurb” of the show or fundraising effort, relevant artwork or associated artists, recent press or links for more information, and, of course, the ability buy a ticket or make a donation.

2. Avoid a long list of dates/times for the same event. This is unattractive, can lead to your patrons–especially those on mobile devices–clicking on unintended dates/times, may increase abandonment and decrease conversions to ticket purchases. Patrons depart the site without making a purchase, without providing their contact information, and also leaving with a negative view of your company or event. The next step down the funnel should direct the user to an event calendar or list of donation amounts from which to select. OvationTix partners can do this with use of our API, deep links and/or your branded calendar feature. In some instances, the new mobile-responsive design may remove a click entirely by displaying a calendar adjacent to the event information.

3. Avoid interruptions like a “captcha,” or survey links. These divert the patron from making further progress down the sales funnel. You have the opportunity to ask questions as part of the check-out process in OvationTix but this is further in the transaction process and should be done strategically. OvationTix is PCI compliant, invests in digital payment security (see our guide here), and remains so without forcing your patrons through captchas.

4. Make the handshake between your company’s main site and OvationTix pages seamless. OvationTix ensures our brand is consistent throughout the sales funnel. Direct your patrons to your branded OvationTix pages when they wish to select the date/time of an event or a campaign to which to donate. If your current OvationTix pages do not reflect the general look and feel of the rest of your site, please contact Client Services who will populate your brand onto your OvationTix pages at no charge. 

Without this handshake, you will lose sales and donations; patrons may suspect they have been misdirected to a third-party/unofficial ticket provider or be unfamiliar with (or, even worse, have a negative opinion of) the off-brand solution to which you are directing them.

5. If applicable, make sure login opportunities for your subscribers/members are conspicuous. Logins are best required before patrons select a seat or ticket type. Most OvationTix partners accomplish this as part of their “skin,” or custom-branded user interface. But a regular review of this skin and the wording for your members is prudent to ensure that loyal patrons, in particular, are reminded of the benefits of their membership/subscription, while not interrupting the transaction flow for new users who are not yet as familiar with your offerings. 

OvationTix partners have the option to enable “guest checkout,” which directs the patron through the transaction without requiring a login (but still captures their contact information).  Since OvationTix captures all patron’s email addresses and populates their actions in their patron profiles, only require logins when truly necessary.

6. Make discount codes clear, memorable, brand-aligned and easy to spell.  Anything that speeds up the purchase process should result in more sales. OvationTix displays the opportunity for these codes early in the transaction to maximize use and minimize frustration that can comes if the discount code comes at the very end of a transaction.   

7. Use check out questions and other customizations sparingly to keep your patron engaged with the all-important transaction. OvationTix partners can customize several elements of the check-out process. For example, some enable a feature which allows the purchaser to input the names and email addresses of others in their party so that these guests also can receive pre-show and post-show emails. These customizations can be excellent data gathering tools and help engage your customers better but can also be inappropriately applied.

While most concepts of sales funnels end after the transaction, OvationTix offers a variety of automation, communication, and reporting tools that help turn this funnel into a circle: the ability to share news of a ticket purchase on social media, emailed receipts, pre-show emails, post-show emails (to sell your next event), and the Patron Report which offers a variety of custom audience segmentation opportunities.

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