Break the Email Filibuster: 60% Open Rate

OvationTix partners enjoy an average open rate of approximately 60% for their automated post-show email messages. Compare this to your typical newsletter or special-offer email open rates, and this post-show email rate may be two, three or even four times higher! That means more eyes on your organization at a time when they’re highly engaged with you in the hours immediately following attending your event.

Scheduling the post-show email is simple. When building or editing a series, the left column–where one edits series details–provides a host of email marketing features under the “Manage Emails” heading. This allows you to customize communications of order receipts, pre-show email reminders, and post-show email (including associated metrics) for each series. Customizing the messages in all of these communications is highly recommended.

Click “Post Show Email” under that menu to set up your post-event email message in five steps–and maybe even under five minutes! You customize your subject line, images, copy and links using the simple editing tool; or upload your own html. Click on “Add Custom Field” to personalize your message with the recipient’s name or other account information.

As most email is now read on a mobile device, be sure all your messages are mobile-friendly, and offer your patrons a specific action to take: complete a survey, buy tickets to a future show, support an associated fundraising campaign, etc.

Then schedule your message to automatically send at the desired time, and you’re done! Click the “Post Show Statistics” portion of this email management feature to see how your messages are performing; then make adjustments to optimize. If you’re looking for a benchmark, something around a 10% click-through rate means you’re definitely on the right track.

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