How the Athenaeum Theatre Increased Revenue and Patron Engagement with OvationTix

How Chicago's oldest, continuously operating Off-Loop Theatre uses OvationTix to increase ticket sales, contributed revenue and audience engagement.

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The Athenaeum Theatre is Chicago's oldest, continuously operating Off-Loop theater, founded in 1911 on the campus of St. Alphonsus Church and has been using OvationTix since 2012.

Athenaeum Theatre Productions is firmly committed to providing the Chicago non-profit performing arts community with a welcoming shared space to incubate new projects and collaborations.

The building houses four performance spaces, offices for 14 not-for-profit performing arts groups, rehearsal rooms, as well as a gymnasium and the Lakeview food pantry.

In the first four years using OvationTix, the Athenaeum Theatre has seen a 94% lift in paid attendance, individual gifts grow by over 5x and overall donations and grants increase by 17x.

Read on to learn more about how the Athenaeum Theatre uses OvationTix to improve these key metrics.

The Athenaeum Theatre at a Glance

  • Enables promo codes to increase revenue and track local partner sales
  • Uses deep links to streamline the customer purchase process
  • Employs audience segmentation to cross-market between audience groups
  • Utilizes standardized reports to gain a better understanding of its audiences

How the Athenaeum Theatre uses OvationTix to support its mission:

The Athenaeum Theatre makes use of several OvationTix features that helps the company increase audience and donor engagement as well as revenue.

The company frequently uses promo codes for their local partners. They use these codes to track ticket sales for large groups such as Dance Chicago, the longest running dance festival in the city. Promo codes are also used as incentives to entice single ticket buyers to return for another show and become long term patrons of the theater.

The Athenaeum Theatre also uses deep links to increase revenue and engagement. By using links in emails that go directly to discounts and programming, the company is able to streamline the customer purchase process, leading to higher conversion rates and revenue from its marketing activities.

Deep links can serve many different purposes. Many OvationTix clients use deep links to promote specific performance nights (e.g. opening night, closing night, etc.) They then use performance-specific deep links in their email campaigns with discount code links to help increase ticket sales for those particular events.

Audience segmentation is another key feature that the Athenaeum Theatre uses to support its mission. Since the company has so many different types of programming and has many producing partners and resident companies, they need strong segmentation to manage so many different customer groups. They also use this data to cross-market between audience groups, which serves to increase ticket sales.

The company also utilizes standardized reports in the OvationTix platform to help monitor its progress. Having easy access to information on what they sold, where buyers came from and looking at this data year over year has allowed the Athenaeum Theatre to get a better understanding of their customers. This information helps to direct their future marketing and fundraising efforts which in turn helps to increase revenue.

Additionally, the Athenaeum Theatre notes that OvationTix excels at being responsive to their clients' concerns and needs. Since OvationTix is always improving its platform, the company takes suggestions for platform updates from its clients to help them grow their businesses further, some of which had actually been suggested by the Athenaeum Theatre.

Results from using OvationTix:

By using the above mentioned features on the OvationTix platform, the Athenaeum Theatre was able to see the following improvements in their key metrics:

  • 94% lift in paid attendance
  • 5x growth in individual gift amounts
  • 17x increase in overall donations and grants

"We do so many different types of programming and have so many producing partners and resident companies. OvationTix has allowed us to segment our audience a lot more easily, and to help the audience from one show grow the audience of another."

Jeff DeLong

Marketing & Development Director

Athenaeum Theatre Chicago

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