Allegiance to the Pledge

Nonprofit partners have been using OvationTix pledge tools for some time. The new Pledge Report offers even more robust features for viewing and taking action on the status of pledges: new, open, due (in a variety of ranges), fulfilled, and closed.

Development and finance departments alike enjoy these further enhancements made to pledge functionality in OvationTix. With use of the Pledge Report Filter, fundraisers can now easily pull dollar amounts based on a variety of factors, such as the actual campaign, as well as the due date and status of the pledge. Those projected and real dollar amounts make financial reporting far easier to calculate. Plus, fundraisers can use the information to target communications to individuals that have pledges about to become due, or to otherwise communicate with donors.

Pledges can now also be “Closed Out” from either the donor’s profile page or the Pledge Report. This allows development departments to stop tracking these pledges, while at the same time the information about the donor’s gift is retained for future reporting, such as end-of-year giving summaries, tax letters, or data mining for future fundraising campaigns.

Thanks to continued feedback from OvationTix partners like you, the Pledge Report has also been modified to display the most relevant information first… though in this improved layout you will continue to see the same total report output as before.

This new Pledge Report functionality complements financial and patron reporting already native in OvationTix–and keep an eye out for a new reporting dashboard to launch in the coming months.

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