5 Questions with Michael Hughes

Just like a championship winning team or the cast of a hit Broadway show, AudienceView (the parent company of OvationTix) has an incredible group of people behind the scenes who keep things running smoothly. They’ve come to us from all corners of the sports, arts and technology industries – and together we’re helping live entertainment organizations of all sizes and types achieve their business goals.

In a new series, we’re proud to pull back the curtain and shine the spotlight on our team. Today, we showcase Business Development Manager Michael Hughes, who joined us in May 2018 to introduce OvationTix to college athletics departments across the United States.

1. What are you passionate about?

I believe life is better lived outside and food is better in a tortilla. I’m a fan of traditional college and professional sports like baseball, football and hockey and really love some that are less mainstream too, like darts and cycling. I also love movies, TV and I’m a huge trivia buff.

2. What attracted you most about AudienceView?

The culture of the company. Throughout my interview process, I was convinced that this is a group of people that cares – both about our products and the service and support we provide to our partners.

With both the AudienceView and OvationTix platforms, I was also impressed that one company can provide the right solution to meet the ticketing, CRM and fundraising needs of any campus or athletics program, regardless of size.

3. How will your time as a college athletics administrator help you drive success for our customers? 

I spent a decade in ticket operations and the box office, so I’ve walked in their shoes – building and putting hundreds of events on sale, spending hundreds of nights and weekends in the ticket office serving fans and running thousands of reports.

Thanks to the opportunities I’ve had and my professional mentors, I’ve also learned so many best practices that I can share with my college athletics colleagues. I know the pain points, what administration wants from its team and how to help any organization meet its specific business goals.

4. What is the most important area to focus on right now in college athletics?

Increasing revenue in a changing landscape. Many tactics of the past, like spray and pray emails, are no longer viable. The right software helps you efficiently manage ticket sales, associated offers and upsells. Athletics departments can also leverage their data, properly segment their audiences and automate the delivery of targeted, personalized offers to the right fan at the right time – every single time.

5. You're a big trivia fan - what is one of your favorite fun facts?

Of the 24 NFL teams that play in home stadiums with company sponsors, the Saints (Mercedes-Benz Superdome) and Falcons (Mercedes-Benz Stadium) play the farthest from the headquarters of their sponsor (Stuttgart, Germany).


About OvationTix

OvationTix is an all-in-one ticketing, fundraising and CRM software designed to enhance audience and donor engagement.


This platform is part of the AudienceView portfolio of solutions that fuels attendee engagement, ticket sales and advertising for live events organizations for over 2,000 organizations in 15 different countries around the world.


We support your goals by helping you increase revenue and donations, improve operational efficiency and deliver memorable experiences to your audience. OvationTix offers free support and training and full ownership of your data in a 100% secure and PCI-compliant environment.


Since OvationTix is designed by live events professionals for live events professionals, we understand the unique problems that our industry faces and are proud to have served the industry for over ten years.


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