5 Questions with Jerusha Liu

1. What is your role at AudienceView?

I am a Customer Success Manager for OvationTix, handling the West Coast, South and Great Plains regions. My role – and goal – is to help clients be as successful as possible using OvationTix by enabling them to leverage the tools and functionality of the system to achieve their individual business goals.

Day-to-day, I speak with clients about account-related issues, consult on best practices and help new clients implement OvationTix at their organizations. Our Customer Success team also releases email communications to provide updates on new features, hosts a monthly webinar and manages the OvationTix online community.

2. You had a history with the OvationTix platform before joining our organization. How does that experience as a user help you in your role?

I used OvationTix for five years as a box office and venue manager before joining the OvationTix team. I have walked in our clients shoes, so I understand their perspective and business first-hand. My background allows me to really appreciate what they are trying to accomplish using OvationTix, which in turns helps me better understand and communicate those needs to our team. It also allows me to think creatively about how to use the platform because I deeply understand its capabilities.

3. What is the most satisfying part of your job?

As an OvationTix user, it was extremely important to me to have a personal relationship with the support team at OvationTix. Alexandra Perakis, who is now my manager, was that person for me when I was a user. It is very satisfying and poignant for me to now be that touch point for others - to help them feel heard, supported and able to achieve their business goals.

4. You earned a degree in history from UCLA. Which historical event resonates most with you and why?

History tells a story, as does theatre, which is my one true love. To me, the most interesting thing about studying history are the stories and exploring the impact of an event on individuals. For example, my husband’s father was born in Hungary and immigrated to Canada when the Soviet Union invaded in 1956. Had he not moved to Canada and then the United States, I never would have met my husband.

To that end, I have always appreciated the study of World War II – and the way in which that era and event, because it was so widespread, impacted so many different countries, cultures and individuals in so many different ways.

5. You’re a big baseball fan. What would you choose for your ‘walk up song’ and why?

Where You Lead by Carole King. She is one of my favorite artists, Gilmore Girls was one of my favorite shows (it’s the show’s theme song) and I’m going to follow that ball wherever it leads – and hit it out of the park!

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